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Rainbow eggs lovingly laid by our backyard flock
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Meet the girls of our flock

Brown egg layers

These girls lay Dark chocolate to light brown eggs

Mo, Mo2, Princess, Cinnamon, Thelma, Louise, Pearl.


Olive Egg Layers

These girls are black in color and lay an olive colored egg

Broody girl and Broody two

Meet Sparkle

Green Egg Layers

These girls lay a green colored egg


Meet Chevy.  She lays a small white egg.

White & Pink Egg Layers

These girls lay plain white to pink eggs

Chevy (white), Lavender, Cleo (pink)

Meet Frosty.  She is a frost white leghorn.  They are the only white breed that lays blue eggs.

Blue egg layers

These girls lay blue colored eggs

Frosty, Laverne, Shirley